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A little secret love story - Mr & Mrs Kennedy

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while and the wedding of Mr & Mrs Kennedy is the perfect place to start, so here goes!

It has been 9 days since i photographed the 'secret wedding' of Charlie & Carla and I am absolutely still on a high from the whole experience. Some people would say that their small registry office wedding with only 4 guests present was too small or not something they would do them selves. However this small but perfect wedding was absolutely beautiful in more than just your typical way.

So what made it stand out so much to me? It was not about the perfect table decorations or the extravagant cake, it was about one thing and one thing only, the most important thing in fact, that can sometimes be overlooked or forgotten whilst worrying about the small details going wrong... It was all about love. And I could see so much love between the two of them whilst I captured this happy day for them and because of this there was not one photograph that felt posed or not genuine.

Ever since I met Carla at our initial consultation a few months ago I knew that her fears of being self conscious in front of the camera were not going to be a problem on the wedding day because we felt so at ease around each other. She told me about her reasonings behind getting married in secret and it totally made sense to me. This was absolutely the right way for her to have her wedding day and start a new life of happiness with her husband to be.

I take pride in every one of my weddings and feel honoured to be chosen for such an important event in people's lives that will ultimately hang on their wall or be shown to family and friends for the rest of their lives. Because at the end of the wedding day when the cakes been eaten, the dress has been put away and the guests have all gone home, all that remains are the photographs... And as the saying goes we should collect memories and not things!

Thank you for reading and I'd love to know what you thought of my first blog! If you would like any further information on the services I offer please do send an email to photographybyelliejayne@gmail.com !

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