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Print what you love.

The title says it all really.

I hope this blog even gives you an insight to my love for the sentiment behind photographs and how important they are to me.

I am so passionate about the photos I work so hard on to produce that I would print all of them if I could. Although I'm not sure my partner would agree to having 1000s of my clients prints around the house! The feelings of prints in your hands or a large album on your table speaks volumes above looking at your beloved photographs on a computer screen.

Whenever I receive an album or any other product order, I love seeing each one and can't wait to pass it over to its new owner.

Photographs are beautiful and timeless, they are created to be looked at and not sat in your dining room draw on a USB! On top of this printing your photos is another safe and easy way to back them up! Technology is a great thing however as I'm sure we all know it can fail on occasions. Because of this I always advise my clients to make an electronic back up of their images but the prints and wall art they order mean their photos are now extra safe and look beautiful hanging on their wall!

So look around the house! Is it missing something? A canvas above the sofa? Or an album on the coffee table? Or maybe even a side table that is missing a little framed print! Print what you love, protect it and show it off to the world! Because no matter if that photo is 50 years old or brand new it has sentiment and meaning.

Thanks for reading!

Photography By Ellie Jayne


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