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A brand new life.

A couple of months ago I found Tammy, she was looking for someone to capture the special moments of her second child coming into the world. I had not photographed a birth before but I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself and as a photographer you can often get so busy planning for clients that you forget to plan something just because you want to try it out.

The baby was due on the 14th March and after a few weeks of worry (every time I had a long days work somewhere, I would be thinking that labour would kick off when I am miles away!) I got the message to let me know her waters had broken... on the 13th of March! After a few hours things began to speed up and off I went to Frimley Hall hospital at 2am the following morning.

Originally the plan was for a water birth from the comfort of the family home however the baby had other ideas and the new plan was a water birth in the hospital.

Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of people ask me 'what is birth photography?'... and a lot of those people that asked had thought the worst and turned their noses up at this amazing time in new parents lives.

Birth photography is beautiful, it is raw emotion, it is the pure love and relief to have your baby in your arms after a long and painful labour. It is the strength of your relationship with your birthing partner and your devotion to being a mother before that journey has even begun. It is amazing.

I'm sure that a lot of the women reading this have experienced child birth first hand... and because of that I just want to say, you are incredible! Maybe you think that you would hate to have those moments when your hairs a mess and you have never been more tired in your life captured? But imagine if you could look back on those seconds when your brand new baby takes its first breath or when your partner, mum or whoever is your birthing partner takes your hand and helps you through the immense challenge standing in your way of motherhood.

This was the first time I have seen a birth. The whole experience has stayed in my mind since that day and I imagine I will be thinking about it long after I have finished editing the photos. Before the 14th March people brought their newborns to my studio and I photographed their new arrival. Now they bring them to me and I photograph their newborn and know this beautiful baby is the result of the pain and strength of a woman. 9 months of waiting patiently and years ahead into the future of worry that you are following the right advice and that they aren't up to mischief!

Tammy was amazing, a superwoman in fact. The look on her face when she lifted her baby boy up out of the water was pure love and relief, she had done it and she should be so proud.

After trying to keep all sorts of dates as free as possible in case he arrived early/late, Blake arrived right on time... his due date and birthday the 14th March 2017 weighing 8lbs 2oz. The cutest little brother for Isabelle!

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