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Enjoy it for now, remember it for always- Watch Me Grow Packages

A 'Watch Me Grow' package is a great way to capture the first 3 major milestones of their first year, whilst knowing you are saving money by booking it as a package which is always a nice feeling.

Newborn Session:

The newborn session takes place between your babies 5-14th day, from the comfort of my studio you can watch on from my sofa whilst I photograph your brand new bundle of joy. If you decide that you would like to join in to capture some photos of your new family it's entirely up to you! (although I do encourage this!) As we all know newborns run by their own schedule and because of this my newborn sessions are between 2-3 hours long to allow time for feeding and changing (which there is normally quite a lot of!). This session captures your baby at their smallest and newest to remember forever as before you know it the newborn clothes are getting swapped over for the 3-6 months ones.

Sitter Session:

Your baby's sitter session normally takes place between 6-9 months or whenever they can confidently sit unaided. This session is full of smiles and giggles and can really capture your babies emotions now they are a little bit older. This is a great age to include their favourite toys and teddies in their sessions, to look back at once those important teddies have been banished by them to the attic!

1st Birthday Session:

So it's the months before their first birthday and you are wondering where your little baby has gone and how they are now suddenly on the verge of turning a whole 1 year old! Celebrate it in style weather that's with a cake smash or photos of them unwrapping their first ever birthday present, it is so much fun and a great memory to have. The 1st Birthday session is normally done about 1 month before their 1st birthday so that your pictures are ready in time. However if you would like it to be closer to the date that is also fine. You also have the choice of theme and colours for this session to personalise it more and match it with your tastes and décor at home.

So there is definitely a lot that goes on in your baby's first year... but with the 'Watch Me Grow' package you can capture all of this in one place and once your babies 1st birthday has been and gone you can look back on all the fun they had during their sessions and look forward to their next milestones.

For more information on the 'Watch Me Grow' package or any of my sessions please email me at photographybyelliejayne@gmail.com

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