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The forgotten stage - Sitters!

Let's talk about sitter sessions. Done at 6-9 months old, they are a PERFECT combination of adorable chubby rolls and proud expressions that they can now sit up and see the world from a new angle! Every sitter session I do is always full of giggles and 100 different facial expressions however they are not my most commonly booked sessions. Time flies when they are growing up and on the move but I definitely think this is such an important stage that is being missed by some. It is easy to forget something that seems so simple at the time such as a photoshoot when you are starting to think about going back to work however, in a few months time when your baby starts looking more and more like a little boy or girl and less like your baby those photos will mean the world.

Sitter sessions are 45 minutes of pure fun capturing their unique personalities that have started to shine through since their newborn session. There is plenty of time for outfit changes and with a selection of hand made outfits, bonnets and headbands in my studio as well as your own outfits there is plenty of variety! If your baby has had a newborn session with me previously a before and after shot of them is a must! If there was a particular set up that you had during your newborn photoshoot that you would like to recreate then I absolutely encourage you to request this for your sitter session.

There is a fabulous package that will make sure you don't miss a stage during your baby's first year and by booking the 'Watch Me Grow Package' it saves you some money too!

Information about the Watch Me Grow Package can be found on my website!

Are you worried that you didn't do a sitter session for your first child? This is something I hear often about certain sessions but if so bring them along too! During your session I always encourage parents and siblings to join in for photos, whether its 1 photo or 10 they are all only this young once! A family photo now will be priceless to you and your children in a few years time.

After your session your gallery will be ready in 7-10 days (dependant on the current waiting time when your session is held). You will then be able to look through your beautiful gallery. I always welcome requests such as colour schemes in all my sessions as I know how important it is to have wall art in your home that goes with the colours and theme of the room it’s going to be in for years to come. A great piece of wall art that is my all time favourite is my wooden blocks. These are frameless and therefore in my opinion pretty timeless pieces that will continue to match each and every colour scheme you choose over the years, without the need to update frames.

You can find more information on all my sessions on my website, on Facebook and by emailing me at photographybyelliejayne@gmail.com

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