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A vintage fairytale - The Mill at Gordleton

On the 8th August 2018 Ellie married her soulmate Simon in the most intimate wedding ceremony I have captured to date. They made their vows in the brilliant late afternoon sunshine, where 14 people gathered around the pond at The Mill at Gordleton's beautifully unique outdoor ceremony area.

The ceremony began at 5pm and the whole wedding party had a very relaxing start to the day with a leisurely breakfast followed by lunch. I joined the girls as they began to get ready for the wedding.

I have to say Ellie was one of the most relaxed brides I have ever seen. As I walked in I could hear her watching countdown in one room, whilst her mum was having her hair done next door. Everything was definitely all under control! I moved about the bridal suite photographing all the little details and the atmosphere never changed, with everyone remaining totally relaxed even as 5pm got closer.

The bridal suite at the mill is a little rabbit warren and has low wood beams throughout. It has the most gorgeous bath, which of course I had to put the bride in, dressing gown and all! Ellie was a vintage bride through and through, with a teacup full of champagne and the most beautiful retro shoes.

I popped down the hall to capture a few shots of Simon who was chilling out with his daughters in the lead up to the ceremony. After which, we all headed down to the garden.

The wedding aisle at this venue is a perfect white picket fenced bridge stretching over a river that runs the mill down stream. It is such a beautifully unique place to cross to meet your waiting groom. With their guests on one side of the pond, Ellie made her entrance across the bridge and she looked absolutely gorgeous!

The ceremony went without a hitch and the bride and groom were married under a wooden gazebo on the opposite side of the pond to their guests. They had two little wooden ducks as their very cute 'ring bearers' both dressed their best! All morning the weather had been threatening rain, but just before the ceremony the weather completely changed and the sun was really shining. The freedom of this ceremony area allowed me to capture all angles of the special moment, whilst being discreet and out of the way which was just perfect.

The bridge that had previously been the aisle where the bride had made her entrance was now lined with guests armed and ready for a bubble tunnel. I have to say it looked incredible! A brilliant way around any venues confetti rules for sure and a very effective alternative.

After the ceremony, the day continued just as relaxed as it had started with a beautiful drinks reception in the sunshine next to the pond. There are all sorts of lovely ornaments and features dotted about this venue and I loved making use of them. Starting with the disused well for group shots which was covered in ivy, in front of a field that was overgrown and unkempt in all the right ways.

Once all the group shots had been completed, the rest of the wedding party moved inside to their private dinning area allowing me to get some photos of the bride and groom alone. There were no distractions and no one was watching, which I think really brought out their personalities. It was lovely to see them making each other smile without anything needing to be said and showing a true happiness between them. We wandered around the garden together moving from one picturesque bridge to another. Stopping at a weeping willow tree with two giant wooden thrones in between.

Couple portraits are one of my favourite parts of the wedding day. These candid first moments as husband and wife together, away from the other wedding guests are really special.

The bride and groom then joined their party in the cosy private dining room that was perfectly sized for this small group. I captured a few last shots of them sitting together enjoying this special time with their closest friends and family before it was time for me to leave.

If you would like to speak to me about your wedding day I would love to hear from you! Please pop me a message to photographybyelliejayne@gmail.com

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