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Rain is good luck! - Holly & Tom

Today I learnt the reason why rain on your wedding day is good luck. As the registrar told us, if you tie a knot when it's dry it can easily come undone. If you tie a knot when it's wet it will stay together forever. Thursday the 16th August was definitely giving Holly & Tom a lot of luck on their big day that's for sure! As I drove through the rain up the quiet country roads to meet the bride at Southdowns Manor in Petersfield I was armed with umbrellas and mats determined to not let the wet weather get in our way!

On arrival to the bridal suite the girls were all super chilled, with bags of time to prepare themselves for the big moment. One of my favourite things about this venue is that the bride gets two rooms, a dressing room with lots of space to get your hair and make up done and the most amazing honeymoon suite down the hall with a beautiful four poster bed and ... Well I will let that bath speak for itself! The honeymoon suite created the perfect space to capture all the bridal details that are just so important when you look back on your day. I also seem to be putting people in bath tubs whilst fully dressed in their wedding attire a lot lately but when your bath resembles a small swimming pool how could I resist!

Once the bride was in her stunning dress and ready for her grandfather to give her away to her childhood sweetheart I took my place at the top of the aisle to capture that all important, emotion filled walk. The ceremony took place in a room dressed in drapes from floor to ceiling which gave it a lovely cosy but fresh look, this room would later be transformed into where the wedding breakfast would be served. It is truly an honour for me to be able to capture those special moments where two people become husband and wife, and to have the perfect view of not only the bride and groom but their family surrounding them too.

After the ceremony, the weather was still showering that luck over Mr & Mrs Phillipson's day but the amazing staff at Southdowns Manor let us bring the confetti tunnel inside! A gorgeously lit corridor provided the perfect space so I was very happy when we got the go ahead to redecorate it with 1000's of carefully dried petals! I do love a confetti tunnel, laughter, happiness and shock that your friends just chucked a cone full of confetti straight in your face all in the space of about 3 minutes! After the confetti tunnel the boys were dismissed to give the girls space to catch that bouquet! This is a tradition that is becoming less and less common these days but I do love seeing how competitive girls can get when there is the fate of a potential proposal at stake!

Ah the speeches. As always they were lovely but I would be completely lying if I didn't admit to tearing up during the brides message to her groom. As I'm sure every person in that room would agree it was a message straight from the heart, that would make even the toughest of people well up. They haven't had the easiest of journeys through life together but you could see that together they could face anything the world could throw at them and still come out just as strong. Not one dry eye in the room after that!

I had a little peak at the weather forecast earlier in the day and to my amazement... They got it right! The rain had stopped and the ground was drying out! We had already captured some romantic shots of the bride and groom in the rain hidden under one of my bridal brollies but now was the perfect opportunity to let that beautiful train down and see the dress in its full glory now that the ground was puddle free. Southdowns has the most elegant, rose covered metal gazebo which the bride had briefed me on before the day so this was a must for photographs! As well as this perfect little backdrop there were a handful of things scattered around the lawn that made for some unique moments of the newest Mr & Mrs Phillipson.

Back inside it was time to cut the cake, which not only looked amazing but oh my gosh the smell was devine! It was then whisked away to make room for the first dance. After a beautifully romantic few minutes capturing Holly and Tom dance together they asked their friends and family to join them on the dance floor. I do love it when people are up for a good dance, you can also always rely on the bridesmaids to be up there before everyone else and these girls didn't disappoint!

There was still time to make the most of the improved weather and even though we had done the group shots earlier in the day in a lovely little corner of the hotel we could now venture out to the gazebo! Once these were all done I had one more shot I wanted to capture before I headed home for the evening... The umbrella shot. This has definitely become my most requested shot and one I absolutely love doing for my couples. Such a beautiful way to end a perfect wedding day!

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