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Marwell Hotel - Charlotte and Oliver

I still remember the first time I saw Marwell Hotel, from the outside this hotel looks like a little wooden lodge. But when you go inside, past the beautiful spiral staircase you're met with this enormous room with high ceilings decorated with multiple chandeliers sparkling away. This room never ceases to amaze me because every wedding I do here is able to do so many different things with it! The room itself is very neutral which allows you to do absolutely anything with it so it's quite exciting to walk in and see how the room looks and feels each time. Oliver and Charlottes wedding day did not dissapoint, before heading over to the girls room I had a quick peek in the ceremony room. I have to say the thing that really stood out for me was their arch way. If you have ever done any DIY to your house you will love this, an archway made out of copper pipes and draped with flowers! So simple but incredibly effective, I loved it!

Through the winding tunnel walkways of Marwell hotel I found the girls taking turns to have their hair and make up done. You could feel the excitement building as the ceremony got closer. I have to say the bridesmaid dresses were just amazing! I can't say I have photographed any others like them, the detail on them was stunning with embroided flowers and little bumblebees scattered across them. But of course the bridal gown out shone them all with its long lace train following behind the bride as she walked. The time with the girls flew by and the time had come for Charlotte to save her groom from waiting a moment longer.

Much to their relief the bride and grooms little girl walked down the aisle faultlessly, with her big brother later showing everybody how ring bearer duties are done. As far as grooms reactions go, Oli seeing his bride for the first time was just perfect! His nerves turned to tears as she reached the top of the aisle and made her way towards him. The ceremony was bursting with emotion as these two childhood sweethearts finally became husband and wife.

After the ceremony we made the most of the warm weather and assembled outside for an epic confetti tunnel followed by some lovely group shots. Sneaking off from the crowds we captured some family moments to cherish as well as romantic moments between the bride and groom. I love photographing in woodland and the garden of Marwell definitely gives you the impression of being in the middle of the forest whilst being a few steps from the hotel!

After some lovely speeches it was time to cut that cake. Trust me when I say it smelt even better than it looked, yum! With a little bit of time before the first dance, the entire wedding party was enjoying the sun in the garden. There were lovely garden games scattered around which were doing a great job in keeping the kids entertained, but that didn't stop Oli and Charlotte having a go! I do love taking natural images and what a lovely setting to move around the guests capturing them catch up, laugh at stories from the past and just have a great time.

The first dance. The kids beat everyone to the dance floor at first, but sat and watched patiently as the bride and groom had their turn. With everyone joining in and giving it their all half way through the song. Shots of people dancing are amazing, people just suddenly let loose and the end result is fun photographs that complete any wedding gallery!

Thanks for reading!

Ellie x


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