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Sunflowers, Fairy Lights and Sparklers- Charlie & Lucy

This blog is all about the stunning garden wedding of Lucy and Charlie. Where do I start? My first Autumnal wedding of the year full of sunflowers, an awesome sunset and LOTS of fairy lights. What else could you need? Oh yes a totally unique dip dyed wedding dress complete with a flower crown, well they had that too! This wedding was slightly different to your traditional venue, it was held in a back garden. When I arrived I went round to have a look and was met with the most amazing wooden canopy covered in fairy lights, this would later be where the bride and groom stood and said their vows to each other. Needless to say I was in love, what a perfect place for a wedding, and all in the comfort of your parents garden!

Inside the house Lucy was getting ready for the big moment whilst Charlie was upstairs with his best man. This wedding had so many personalised details, they really thought of everything. From shoe laces to pocket watches to favour boxes, everything was made just for them.

As the guests were arriving and finding their seats it was time for me to take my place at the top of the aisle which today was a set of stairs leading up and through a gorgeous archway that had every inch of it covered in flowers and foliage. The three flower girls led the way closely followed by the bride and her father. The ceremony was beautiful, not only because they had the sun shining through the leaves above them but also because these two are just so great together! They made each other laugh all through the ceremony and so did their guests it was lovely. They had a hand tying ceremony at the end which was done by the brides brother, another beautiful moment. As they tried to hug each other and realised they were still tied together the laughter broke out once more!

On the way to the house that morning I had spotted a picturesque bridge next to the most amazing willow tree, so after the ceremony off we went for some beautiful couple shots on the bridge. It did not disappoint! Back in the garden there was a sunflower patch that just had to double up as a backdrop for group shots and some more couple shots! Like Lucy, I adore sunflowers so this addition to the garden made me very happy!

Everyone was so relaxed all day, with little rugs scattered about the garden for people to sit and mingle together. I'm sad summer is over but it does mean that we don't have to wait as long for sunset! Behind the garden was an over grown field which was PERFECT for some sunset shots, we didn't have much time as the sun quickly disappeared out of sight but it was just enough time to capture some golden hour goodness!

It was almost time for me to leave this wonderful wedding but before I did there was a sparkler tunnel to be done and a cake to be cut! All the guests were great and everyone got involved with the tunnel and finally smashing the piñata! After everyone took a turn it was time for the groom to break it open which resulted in a swarm of little hands collecting the sweet treasure scattered all over the grass.

What. A. Day.

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