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THE proposal!

As a photographer there are certain things that make it to your bucket list. Things that you just have to capture during your career. My top two were to photograph a birth and to photograph a proposal. Now if you have followed my business for a little while you will know that in 2017 I ticked off birth photography from my list. My incredible experience of that can be seen... HERE

So next was a proposal! I have photographed lots of beautiful engagement sessions and weddings but I wanted to capture the moment it happened!

Fast forward to the start of 2019, Harrison got in touch and told me his ideas of how he was planning to propose to his girlfriend and I was instantly excited to work with them both. The proposal was going to happen on Milford-on-Sea cliff tops, their special place. Not only a beautiful spot but also a meaningful choice by Harrison because they spend a lot of time there at their grandparents holiday home.

So that was it... Everything was in place, I took my place along the cliff top pathway acting casual on a covered bench and Harrison was making his way along the cliff top in my direction. Once they came into sight I kept watch out the corner of my eye and definitely felt like I could be a great secret agent at that point. As they passed where I was sitting I looked past them into the distance and smiled so Harrison knew I was ready. I waited for Harrison and Minisha to walk ahead and then got up and slowly followed. Now at this point it was slightly harder to maintain my secret agent act... Every few metres or so Minisha turned to look over her shoulder in my direction! Each time I made sure to be busy taking landscape photos or doing something to blend in.

The thumbs up came and I took my position as Harrison turned to Minisha and got down on one knee. At first she had a look of confusion which was just brilliant, but it very quickly turned to complete shock and a beaming smile! The pure happiness on her face in the photographs is enough to make anyone get goosebumps. Harrison put the gorgeous ring on her finger and they wrapped their arms around each other taking in the moment. After a few minutes of shocked expressions from Minisha, Harrison turned to me and Minisha saw that the whole thing had been photographed! She was so thrilled that Harrison had thought of arranging a photographer to capture the moment as she instantly said how quickly it had happened, it seemed like a complete blur. But now they had these photographs to look back on forever.

We walked along the cliff and down to the beach to do some more posed shots of the two of them together. I don't know about you but I just love beach huts, so we definitely had to make the most of the brightly coloured huts dotted along the front as well. Minisha was definitely still taking the last 10 minutes in during these photos and would glance down every few minutes at her new engagement ring shining away on her finger. Whilst we were down on the beach we recreated a photo they had taken a few years ago in the same spot, little did they know then that they would be getting engaged a few metres from that spot. It was also Minishas birthday, what a way to spend it! I did joke that Harrison now has to top this birthday every year for the rest of their lives!

On the walk back to the car park, Minisha slowly put all the clues together in her head. From Harrison suggesting that she treat herself to a manicure to him not allowing her to get an ice cream from the kiosk that I had been sat next to waiting for them! But one thing was obvious, she had no idea! It had gone perfectly! We all laughed at the unfortunate events that happened to them on the way to me which could have ended the walk before it began. Minisha survived a near miss with the door almost hitting her in the face on the way out of the car and then got attacked by a colony of seagulls as they walked along the cliff top! Thank god that didn't happen during the proposal!

So now I've ticked off a proposal too and I absolutely loved it! I can't wait to capture more proposals and hear the stories behind the place and the couples I meet!

Thanks for reading!

Ellie x


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