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Pink or Blue? -Gender Reveals!

Gender reveals have become more and more popular over the last few years. I photographed Erica & Jon’s first gender reveal in 2018 for their son where they cut into a cake to reveal lots of blue Smarties!

So when we started planning for their second gender reveal in November 2019 they asked me to plan something new for them. Straight away I knew I wanted to use smoke bombs! They look absolutely amazing in photographs and are the perfect way to secretly reveal whether its pink or blue!

On the morning of the reveal I went with Jon and Erica to their scan which was so lovely to see the baby on the screen. The ultrasound technician told them to close their eyes while she revealed the baby’s gender to me and then once she had moved on they could open their eyes again. Normally I would receive a piece of paper in an envelope or a text from the ultrasound tech telling me which it was so it was lovely to be at the scan.

Later that day their families had come to watch the big moment, unfortunately their eldest son just couldn’t hold off on his nap any longer and fell asleep! We went out into the garden and I was so excited for them to find out, Jon pulled the cord on the smoke bomb and they looked at the smoke and looked back smiling thinking it was what they expected but then had to double take as they had guessed wrong! The look on their faces shows how happy they were in this moment and if you love natural smiling photos as much as I do, a gender reveal is the perfect moment for these!

Click through the slide show below to see more!

I would absolutely love to capture more gender reveals so if you are expecting a baby and haven’t yet had your gender scan then please do get in touch! There are endless ways to reveal if your baby is a boy or a girl and together we can plan the perfect way! Thanks for reading!

Ellie x


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New Forest, Hampshire
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