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Location Sessions!

A lot of my blogs follow the story of a wedding day, which is great because it gives so many of my couples an insight into their venue and me! This blog is a bit different and gives you an insight into location sessions. I have had a wonderful influx of location sessions recently which is typical of Autumn/winter. Autumn brings all of the beautiful tones of the leaves which I love so much and a lot of my engagement sessions happen in the winter ahead of the summer weddings.

That's not to say that spring and summer aren't equally as beautiful with bluebells and sunflowers oh... And that big orange light in the sky we haven't seen all that much of lately!

I'm based in The New Forest which means I am surrounded by beautiful forest scenery which I adore exploring but If there is a place that is special to you or your family then it's automatically the perfect place for your photos. Photographs are meant to tell a story and my favourite part of location sessions is just that, the location. Some great places to go are the most obvious, where you and your family love to walk the dog, have a picnic or eat ice cream. Somewhere like the beach, a bridge or even your home. The possibilities are endless, however if no where jumps out at you I have loads of options of places I love to go to perfect for photoshoots.

Like my studio sessions I can offer advice on what to wear to get the most from your photographs and any ideas you guys have I would love to hear!

During the session I will typically capture a mixture of natural and slightly more posed moments as we walk around and go to different spots along the way. This will usually take us around 45 minutes from start to finish.

After your session I will find a date that is best for you to come to my studio and view the images from your shoot. This time is reserved for you to fully focus on the special memories you are looking at and choose exactly how you want to display them in your home. You can see and feel my wall art in the studio and see how it would look hanging on the wall. Make sure to bring anybody that helps with decision making because it is this viewing appointment that is specifically for making the perfect decisions for you!

If you have any questions about any of my sessions then please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!



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