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Oscar & Grace - Newborn session with toddler

Little Oscar brought his Mummy, Daddy and big sister Grace along to his newborn session and we all had a lovely time capturing some precious family memories.

Big sister Grace is two and a half and she was a star! After a quick game of hide and seek around the studio we got a lovely photo of her with her new baby brother. Mum was worried before the session that it would be a struggle to get a family photo of them all together because of Grace's new found independence! They needn't of worried though because a little bit of tickling (her tickling me that is!) And we caught some gorgeous smiles from her!

Grace entertained herself brilliantly with the help of Dad while I moved onto Oscars photographs and I barely heard a peep from her for the rest of the time she was there. After a quick change and a nice belly full of milk we carried on with Oscars photographs. I never rush newborn sessions and there is always plenty of time for feeds, changes and cuddles so you can relax in the comfort of my studio without worrying about keeping track of time or rushing your baby.

Sometimes babies just want to watch what's going on and that's fine, we can photograph those big beautiful eyes of theirs. Little Oscar tried his hardest to watch me work but his full belly made him just too exhausted!

For the remainder of his session Oscar stayed fast asleep and he just loved to be all cosy and snug in my wraps. During newborn sessions I always do a mixture of wrapped up and unwrapped photographs of your baby. I always ask for your input on colour schemes so if there is anything that you want to to match the colours we use in the photos to for example your decor at home, I have a wide range of colours and backdrops to accommodate this.

As soon as you step into my studio or even from just looking at my website you will see that I have a very large collection of different props! I adore all of my props and they have been carefully chosen so not only look beautiful in your photographs but also are comfy for baby. There are also products for older ages, Grace took a liking to my little blue chair and my little wooden stool, they were both perfect height for her!

Oscar sailed through the rest of his newborn session and it was a pleasure to photograph his little family at this special milestone in their lives.

For the whole of the session I could hear little 'awh' and 'oh my gosh that's so cute' noises coming from behind me.

About a week later it was time for the family to view their gallery and Mum could barely contain her excitement as we walked around to the studio! We had a lovely viewing together and I always love seeing people's reaction in person which is my absolute favourite part of doing viewing sessions together.

If you would like more information on newborn sessions or any other of my studio sessions, please click HERE!

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